Information for editors

All requests for publication of documents as CERN Reports (also known as Yellow Reports) should first go to Nick Ellis (link sends email), chairman of the CERN Reports Editorial Board (CREB), who will consult with the Board members before reaching a decision "in principle" on the acceptance of the Report.

The CREB reports to the Scientific Information Policy Board and is responsible for the oversight of issues related to the CERN Yellow Reports. It is responsible for approving individual Reports in a two-step process:

  • approval in principle (i.e. deciding if the subject matter is in-principle appropriate for publication in a CERN Yellow Report);
  • and final approval (i.e. confirming that the completed document is acceptable for publication and printing).

Responsibility for detailed checking of the contents is generally delegated to the Editor of each individual report who is required to confirm that the document is ready for printing (so-called "bon à tirer" in French).

Your request for publication should be addressed to Nick Ellis before you prepare the report and should contain the following information:

  • Topic of the report (will it be a monograph or will it be a collection of contributions, each with a different author?)

  • Who will act as an editor

  • Approximate length

  • Timing of preparation on your side (when you think you will be able to submit a final version)

  • Will you need copy-editing for the contributions?

  • Any other information that you consider useful

A copy of the request should be sent also to CERN Publishing (link sends email), Publisher for the CERN Yellow Reports.

The criteria used by the Board in making their decision include a requirement of a strong and direct link to CERN and a significant and lasting interest of the material to a broad community at CERN. In addition to stringent requirements on the scientific and technical content, the presentational quality must be of a high standard.

Please note that no commitment to publish a CERN Yellow Report can be made without the prior agreement of the CREB. In particular, organizers of conferences, workshops or other events should not undertake to publish the proceedings as a CERN Yellow Report without prior agreement of the CREB.

Please make sure that you have taken note of the Submission Declaration Section and the Intellectual Property Section, in the Author Guidelines.

Issues related to CERN Scientific Documents are addressed in Operational Circular number 6.

After the publication of your report as a CERN Yellow Report has been accepted “in principle” by the CREB, you should contact CERN Publishing (links sends email).

You can find guidelines on how to prepare your text (including templates and style files) here (opens new window).

CERN Publishing will be responsible for the smooth running of the procedure and it can always be contacted  in case of problems concerning deadlines, presentation, etc.

CERN Publishing will:

  • help you prepare the invitation letter for contributors;
  • set-up the editorial management system for submission of the contributions by the authors;
  • prepare your report for on-line publication and printing;
  • discuss with you indexing of your report in the main bibliographc databases and assist you in the process.

Final approval by the CREB will follow when the report is completed, prior to allocation of a Report number, an ISBN number and a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) which improves citability of the Reports.

The final approved version of the Yellow Report will be published online in the CERN Publishing platform and in the CERN Document Server. The library will keep in stock just a few copies of the printed Reports.

Please note that a CERN Yellow Report is to be considered as a finalised publication (i.e not a preprint) with all copyrights specified. CERN Yellow Reports are published in Open Access on the World Wide Web under the Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY-4.0 Licence (link is external). It is the responsibility of the authors and editors of each Report to ensure that the necessary steps have been taken to protect any patentable invention or registrable design that is descibed. In relevant cases, on the request of the authors and editors, the copyright notice on the Report may be supplemented by additional statements to protect the Intellectual Property of CERN.

Note that the material presented in a Yellow Report should not, following good scientific practice, be published as original material elsewhere. In particular, it should not be submitted to a journal or published as a book. It is, however, acceptable for contributions to CERN Reports to be made available as preprints, and submission to arXiv is encouraged. It must be indicated that the material has been submitted for publication in a CERN Yellow Report.

For each Yellow Report, a table of contents will be sent to arXiv including links to the individual contributions. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their contributions to arXiv and to re-upload the final version which will be sent to them by the editors upon approval. The appropriate way to reference publication in a Yellow Report will be communicated by the editors. Authors preferring not ot submit their contributions themselves are kindly asked to grant permission to the CERN Scientific Information Service to submit on their behalf.