Series History

CERN is a scientific laboratory whose main purpose is fundamental research in High-Energy Physics (HEP). An important task of the Organization is to communicate its work, discoveries, and achievements, also via publications in books, journals, and proceedings of conferences, in paper and/or electronic form.

The CERN Yellow Reports series was started in 1955 with the CERN Report (Yellow Reports) series to which it was later added the Proceedings of High-Energy Physics Schools series. The series provides a medium for communicating CERN-related work where publication in a journal is not appropriate and includes proceedings of conferences, schools and workshops having a large impact on the future of CERN, as well as reports on new activities which do not yet have a natural platform. The series also includes reports on detectors and technical papers from individual CERN departments, again criteria being that the audience should be large and the duration of interest long. Documents relating to processes which could lead to patents are particularly appropriate since a departmental report does not give the necessary protection of intellectual propriety rights.

In 2017 the existing CERN Yellow Report series have been re-organized into three new ones: CERN Yellow Reports: School Proceedings, CERN Yellow Reports: Conference Proceedings and CERN Yellow Reports: Monographs, to better accomodate the different types of content they publish.

In particular, the CERN Yellow Reports: School Proceedings series includes the proceedings of the Schools of High-Energy Physics and of the CERN-Accelerators Schools, organized by CERN.