A general overview of the MCBI 2019 ICFA Mini-Workshop


  • E. Métral
  • G. Rumolo
  • T. Pieloni




After the ICFA Mini-Workshop on “Electromagnetic Wake Fields and Impedances in Particle Accelerators" (organised by Vittorio Vaccaro, Maria Rosaria Masullo and Elias Métral) held in Erice (Sicily) from 24 to 28 April, 2014, and the ICFA Mini-Workshop on "Imped- ances and Beam Instabilities in Particle Accelerators" (organised by Giovanni Rumolo, Maria Rosaria Masullo and Stefania Petracca), held in Benevento (Italy) from 18 to 22 September, 2017, this third workshop of the series was organised jointly between CERN and EPFL and it took place in Zermatt (Switzerland) from 23 to 27 September, 2019.

This ICFA Mini-Workshop on “Mitigation of Coherent Beam Instabilities in Particle Accelerators" (MCBI2019) focused on all the mitigation methods for all the coherent beam instabilities, reviewing in detail the theories (and underlying assumptions), simulations and measurements on one hand, but on the other hand trying to compare the different mitigation methods (e.g. with respect to other effects such as beam lifetime) to provide the simplest and more robust solutions for the day-to-day operation of the machines.



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