Impedance localization and identification


  • N. Biancacci
  • R. Alemany Fernández
  • Y. Alexahin
  • M. Carlà
  • J. Eldred
  • W. Höfle
  • A. Huschauer
  • T. Levens
  • L. Malina
  • E. Métral
  • M. Migliorati
  • B. Popovic
  • B. Salvant
  • F. Schmidt
  • R. Tomàs
  • D. Ventura
  • C. Vollinger
  • N. Wang
  • C. Zannini



The beam coupling impedance represents one of the sources of potential beam instabilities in particle accelerators. The localization of large coupling impedance sources is therefore very important in order to focus the efforts for mitigation measures when these are needed. In this work we will focus on the common methods adopted to quantify the transverse impedance of a particle accelerator both from the global and the local point of views. This activity can be performed in both bunched and coasting beams following different strategies.