ADTOBSBOX to catch instabilities


  • M.E. Söderén
  • D. Valuch



During Long Shutdown 2 (2019–2020) the transverse observation system (ADTObsBox) in the LHC will undergo a substantial upgrade. The purpose of this upgrade is to allow for true low latency, online processing of the 16 data-streams of transverse bunch-by-bunch, turn-by-turn positional data provided by the beam position monitors in transverse feed-back system in the LHC (ADT). This system makes both offline and online analysis of the data possible, where the emphasis will lie on online analysis, something that the older generation was not designed to provide. The new system provides a platform for real-time analysis applications to directly capture the data with minimal latency while also providing a heterogeneous computing platform where the applications can utilize CPUs, GPUs and dedicated FPGAs. The analysis applications include bunch-by-bunch transverse instability analysis which will profit from significant reduction of latency.