Chapter 7: R&D programmes oriented towards specific future facilities

Section 7.1: The FCC-ee R&D programme


  • M. Benedikt
  • A. Blondel
  • O. Brunner
  • P. Janot
  • E. Jensen
  • M. Koratzinos
  • R. Losito
  • K. Oide
  • T. Raubenheimer
  • F. Zimmermann



In summer 2021, the Future Circular Collider Feasibility Study was launched.

The FCC-ee builds on 60 years of operating colliding beam storage rings. The design is robust and will provide high luminosity over the desired centre-of-mass energy range from 90 to 365 GeV. The FCC-ee is also the most sustainable of all Higgs and electroweak factory proposals, in that it implies the lowest energy consumption for a given value of total integrated luminosity.

In the following we present more details, describe additional R&D elements, and identify links and overlaps with the Accelerator R&D roadmap.