Experimental facilities in Latin America


  • C.O. Dib




These lecture notes briefly describe the current and planned experimental facilities for high-energy physics research in Latin America. The list is not exhaustive nor the descriptions are complete, but I tried to select some of the most representative facilities and large international experiments at the time. Given that particle physics today is tightly related to cosmology and astrophysics, and South America is where most of the major astronomical observatories in the world are located, I start by listing some of the representative observatories. Then we move on to the main accelerator facilities, which are few and mainly for applications, but the core of particle physics research infrastructure in Latin America is in astroparticle physics, which is where I take most of the time to describe. The name and location of each infrastructure are listed, the scientific goals and some introductory description of the detecting techniques.
Specific details are not included, which can be found in the literature.