Neutrino physics


  • M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia



The purpose of these lectures is to quantitatively summarize the present status of the phenomenology of massive neutrinos.

In the first lecture I will present the low energy formalism for adding neutrino masses to the Standard Model and the induced
leptonic mixing, and I will describe the status of the existing probes of the absolute neutrino mass scale.

The second lecture is devoted to describing the phenomenology associated with neutrino flavour oscillations in vacuum and in matter and the corresponding experimental results observing these phenomena.

In the third lecture I will present the minimal 3\nu mixing picture emerging from the global description of the data. I will briefly comment on the status of extensions of this picture with additional light states and the possibility of non-standard neutrino interactions. I will also discuss some theoretical implications of these results, such as the existence of new physics, the estimate of the scale of this new physics, leptogenesis and collider signatures.