Field Theory and the Electro-Weak Standard Model

R. M. Godbole


In this set of four lectures I will discuss some aspects of the Standard Model (SM) as a quantum field theory and related phenomenological observations which have played a crucial role in establishing the SU(2)L x U(1)Y gauge theory as the correct description of Electro-Weak (EW) interactions. I will first describe in brief the idea of EW unification as well as basic aspects of the Higgs mechanism of spontaneous symmetry breaking. After this I will discuss anomaly cancellation, custodial symmetry and implications of the high energy behavior of scattering amplitudes for the particle spectrum of the EW theory. This will be followed up by a discussion of the ’indirect’ constraints on the SM particle masses such as Mc,Mt and Mh from various precision EW measurements. I will end by discussing the theoretical limits on Mh and implications of the observed Higgs mass for the SM and beyond.


Lectures; Standard Model; electroweak interaction; gauge theory; spontaneous symmetry breaking; field theory.

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