Phase Space Painting and H- Stripping Injection

Chiara Bracco


The achievable hadron beam density at injection can be limited by space charge or by the capacity of the injectors.Conventional multi-turn injection allows to augment the total intensity but determines also a linear increase of the beamemittance with the number of injected turns and is characterised by high losses at the septum.
These limits can be overcome with the H$^-$ charge exchange injection technique and high power beams can be produced.
The combination with transverse and/or longitudinal phase space painting allow to control the size and distribution of the injected particles and minimise the number of foil hits for the circulating beam. In the following, the H- charge exchange technique is described in detail together with the related hardware, main achievements and complications.


Multi-turn injection; charge exchange; high power; stripping foil; phase space painting

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