Recapitulation of Electromagnetism

Thomas Flisgen, Johann Heller, Ursula van Rienen


Electromagnetism plays a vital role in many areas of our modern life such as
telecommunication, navigation, electrical drives, electrical grids etc. More-
over, electromagnetism is of special relevance for particle accelerators. Mag-
netic fields are used to bend and to focus bunches of charged particles whereas
electric fields are used to increase the energy of charged particles. This con-
tribution recapitulates selected fundamentals of the theory of electromagnetic
fields and sketches thereby important facts related to vector analysis, electric
fields, magnetic fields and their mutual interaction.


Maxwell’s equations; vector analysis; Lorentz force; conservation of charges; conservation of energy; electromagnetic properties of matter; continuity constraints of fields; electrostatics; magnetostatics; wave equations; field attenuation in conductors

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