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  • Enrico Chiaveri


The Final Scientific ERINDA Workshop was held at CERN fron 1st to 3rd October 2013. The ERINDA project (European Research Infrastructure for Nuclear Data Applications) http://www.erinda.org/ aims for coordination of European efforts to exploit up-to-date neutron beam technology for novel research on advance concepts for nuclear fission reactors and the transmutation of radioactive waste. The aim of ERINDA is to integrate all infrastructure-related aspects of nuclear data measurements and to provide access for external users to the participating facilities. The ERINDA Consortium groups 14 institutions (from Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Romania, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, and Switzerland) equipped with nuclear data measurement infrastructures. The workshop was organized under the auspices of the ERINDA project with its speakers having the project’s full financial and scientific support. The aim of the workshop was to bring together all the ERINDA members and representatives in order to summarize the activities undertaken during the course of this program funded by European Commission and to review the status of current and future projects endorsed by or developed during programs with ERINDA contributions. The 26 oral presentations given during the workshop covered the participating European institutions latest up-to-date achievements in the field of nuclear data measurements. As a concluding remark, as Chairman and on behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like, first of all, to thank the European Commission for its support in organizing this workshop. Special thanks also to the International Advisory Committee for their invaluable scientific advice, which enabled us to set up a very effective and comprehensive program. I would like to express my gratitude to all the speakers for their outstanding contribution to the workshop’s success, for their active participation, and the quality of their talks. Final acknowledgment goes to the Workshop Organizing Committee, in particular to our workshop secretaries, Ayse Karatepe and Géraldine Jean, who greatly contributed to the success of this final event, thanks to their very professional and competent organization.