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The International Workshop on High-pT Physics at the LHC is a series of workshops with a limited number of participants, where various aspects of high-pT physics in QCD at high energies are discussed. The 6th edition of this workshop took place 4-7 April 2011, in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This edition of the workshop was marked by the first results from heavy-ion running at the LHC, which sparked some lively discussions between experts from RHIC and the LHC. We look back at a successful workshop, which consisted of 40 plenary presentations, with ample room for discussion. There was a number of shorter (20 minutes) presentations, as well as overviews from most experiments on light and heavy flavour measurements, including jets and a session on dimuon and J/ψ results. On Wednesday morning, there was a short session about future electron-ion colliders and saturation
physics. At the end of the workshop, we had a few presentations about detector upgrades for particle identification in ALICE. The organisers would like to thank all the participants for making this workshop a success. We are also grateful for support from FOM and Nikhef of the Netherlands.