Fast and Precise Beam Energy Measurement using Compton Backscattering at e+e- Colliders

Viacheslav Viktorovich Kaminskiy et al.


The report describes a method for a fast and precise beam energy measurement in the beam energy range 0.5-2 GeV and its application at various e+e- colliders. Low-energy laser photons interact head-on with the electron or positron beam and produce Compton backscattered photons whose energy is precisely measured by HPGe detector. The method allows measuring the beam energy with relative accuracy of ∼2-5.10-5. The method was successfully applied at VEPP-4M, VEPP-3, VEPP-2000 (BINP, Russia) and BEPC-II (IHEP, China).


Compton effect; e$^+$e$^-$ collider; beam energy measurement; HPGe detector; laser.

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