Chapter 3: Insertion magnets


  • E. Todesco
  • P. Ferracin



In general, magnets will be tested individually in a vertical test station, and then horizontally in the final cold mass assembly within the final cryostat, with the exception of Q2 and D2 whose length does not allow vertical testing. Many power tests will be done in laboratories collaborating with CERN (BNL for vertical test of Q1/Q3, FNAL for horizontal test of Q1/Q3, KEK for vertical test of D1, LASA for vertical test of high order correctors, IMP (Lanzhou-China) for vertical test of D2 correctors, FREIA (Univ. of Uppsala, Sweden) for vertical test of MCBXFB. For the D2 correctors and for the high order correctors, performance shall be assessed in LASA and IMP at 4.5 K.

All test will require reaching the so-called ultimate current, corresponding to operation in the HL-LHC at 7.5 TeV. All main magnets will undergo a thermal cycle to verify the training. A string including the magnets from Q1 to D1 will be assembled in the CERN test facility (SM18) and tested prior to the installation of the HL-LHC components in the LHC tunnel.



2020-12-17 — Updated on 2020-12-17