Chapter 6: Circuit layout, powering and protection


  • F. Rodríguez Mateos
  • T.D. Catalão Rolhas da Rosa
  • F. Menéndez Cámara
  • S. Yammine
  • M. Zerlauth



During LS2 and LS3, the HL-LHC upgrade will impose many changes to the magnet circuits of the LHC long- straight sections at points 1 and 5. The magnets will be installed in the machine during LS3. In addition to these changes, during LS2, two main dipole magnets (MB) will be replaced by 11T cryo-assemblies (MBH) in order to allow the addition of two extra collimators at warm to intercept dispersive beam losses originating from the collimation system installed in point 7. The two concerned dipole magnets that are to be replaced are MBB.A9L7 and MBA.A9R7.