Chapter 8: Collider-experiment interface


  • F. Sanchez Galan
  • H. Burkhardt
  • F. Cerrutti
  • A. Gaddi
  • J.L. Grenard
  • L. Krzempek
  • M. Lino Diogo dos Santos
  • J. Perez Espinos
  • M. Raymond
  • P. Santos Diaz



The HL-LHC targeted luminosities for the four main experiments will require upgrades of multiple subsystems in In particular, the LHCb experiment subsystems as the vertex locator (VELO), the ring-imaging Cherenkov (RICH) detectors and the tracking system will undergo a major upgrade in LS2, and its surrounding protection systems will be upgraded with neutral absorbers (TANB) to allow to reach the HL-LHC foreseen peak luminosity as from Run 3. Also, in LS2, ALICE will replace its beam-pipe for a new one, with smaller diameter and will also replace its tracking system, time projection chamber and will install a new fast interaction trigger detector. In ATLAS and CMS during Long Shutdown 2 (LS2) and Long Shutdown 3 (LS3) the inner tracker, trigger system, calorimeter, and muon detection systems capable of operating at the foreseen pile-up density, increased radiation environment and minimisation of activation will be replaced.