Chapter 11: 11 T dipole and new connection cryostat for the dispersion suppressor collimators


  • F. Savary
  • D. Schörling



In Run 3 the intensity of the ion beams (usually Pb ions) for ion–ion collisions is planned to be increased by a factor of three: from 40 × 109 to 120 × 109 circulating particles. This intensity increase will amplify the losses in the cold zone at P2 and P7 and may drive the beam induced heat losses in the main dipoles in the dispersion suppressor (DS) region above the quench limit. To avoid limiting the machine performance during ion operation due to this effect, various countermeasures have been studied, and the solution chosen was to intercept these diffractive losses via warm absorbers, so-called TCLDs (Target Collimator Long Dispersion) suppressors, left and right of the LHC interaction points P2 and P7.