Chapter 16: IT string and hardware commissioning


  • M. Bajko
  • M. Pojer



The HL-LHC IT string (IT string) is a test stand for the HL-LHC, whose goal is to validate the collective behaviour of the IT magnets and circuits in conditions as near as possible to the operational ones. Each individual magnet circuit will be powered through a SC link and its associated current leads up to the ultimate operational current while cooled to 1.9 K in liquid helium. The test stand will be installed in the building 2173 (SM18) and will use magnets, superconducting (SC) link, current leads, power converters and protection equipment designed for the HL-LHC with their final design, and usable for the HL-LHC. The test bench will allow a real size training for the installation and alignment, the validation of the electrical circuits, the protection scheme of the magnets, and the SC link. At this occasion, all subsystem owners will be able to fine- tune their set up and to complement or change when necessary, before they are finally installed into the HL- LHC. The powering procedures will be written and validated during the tests. These tests will also improve our knowledge of every single component and will give us the opportunity to optimize the installation and hardware commissioning procedures.