Chapter 19: Safety


  • T. Otto
  • C. Adorisio
  • C. Gaignant
  • A. Infantino
  • M. Maietta



CERN declares in its safety policy that it will ensure the best possible protection in health and safety matters of all persons participating in the Organization’s activities or present on its site, as well as of the population living in the vicinity of its installations, limit the impact of the Organization’s activities on the environment, and guarantee the use of best practice in matters of safety.

A safety organisation accompanies the life cycle of every large project, such as the HL-LHC, to ensure that the Organization’s safety objectives are met. This Chapter describes the safety assessment process applied to the deliverables of the HL-LHC project. As the methods to achieve the safety objectives differ between occupational and operational safety and radiation Protection, the two subjects are treated in distinct subsections.