CERN Publishing

CERN is a scientific laboratory whose main purpose is fundamental research in High-Energy Physics (HEP). An important task of the Organization is to communicate its work, discoveries, and achievements via publications in books, journals, and proceedings of conferences, in paper and/or electronic form.

CERN Yellow Reports

The CERN Report series (popularly known as Yellow Reports) was started in 1955. It provides a medium for communicating CERN-related work where publication in a journal is not appropriate.

The CERN Yellow Reports series includes proceedings of conferences, schools and workshops having a large impact on the future of CERN, as well as reports on new activities which do not yet have a natural platform. The series also includes reports on detectors and technical papers from individual CERN departments, again criteria being that the audience should be large and the duration of interest long.

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CERN Annual Reports

The CERN Annual Reports have been published every year since 1955 and contain a report of all CERN activities over each given year.

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CERN Proceedings

The CERN Proceedings series has been created to publish proceedings of Conferences and Workshops which are not suitable for publication as CERN Yellow Reports.

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CERN IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation

The CERN IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation (CIJ) is targeted at communicating thought-provoking, contemporary, and latest findings in experimental innovation research.

CIJ is a research journal that publishes results of empirical research on the practice of strategic technology and innovation management. CIJ is a multi-disciplinary, open on-line journal that is devoted to the latest research and theory development in in-situ innovation experimentation, strategic innovation management, knowledge exchange and management, and innovation policy issues in cross-sections of science, technology, innovation, and business. The intent of CIJ is to be intellectually challenging providing evidence-based results that guide decision-making in managing innovations.

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