CIJ Manifesto

[BOLD] CIJ is an outlet for unconventional, early-stage, thought- provoking experimentation-driven research. We aim to foster new innovation methodologies, tools, educational approaches and experiments to push the boundaries of creativity to drive societal innovation.

[INTEGRATIVE] CIJ is an interdisciplinary journal orchestrated by interdisciplinary teams and guided by the principles of open science and open innovation.

[OPEN] CIJ provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. CIJ encourages (but does not require) the disclosure of data associated with the manuscripts to support and facilitate scientific work to build on existing knowledge.

[CONNECTING] CIJ is interested in understanding the impact that knowledge can produce within science and society. Taking in learnings from real experiences to inform future theory and practice alike.

[EXPERIMENTAL] At CIJ we are intrigued about where good ideas come from and how we can systemize those processes. Authors are invited to take different angles to their research, presenting solutions, innovations, models, and methods involving individuals, team or organizational experiences.

[USEFUL] CIJ encourages replication studies and remains as a resource centre for researchers and scientists that wish to further develop previously collected data and learnings. At CIJ, authors are urged to consider the applicability and relevance of their outputs for future research.

[MISFIT] CIJ is a place where high-risk high-gain research is welcome and encouraged. Research that doesn't fit in any existing discipline either because they are between—or simply beyond—disciplines. Everything that challenges the status quo and could inspire future generations in the true spirit of scientific curiosity.