Creativity and science parks: more than just a physical platform?




Science parks, creativity, creative climate, proximity, managerial practices.


This study explores how managerial practices can develop and enhance a creative climate in science parks. Based on a case study of one of the most important Italian science parks, Area Science Park, our results suggest that science park management can further enhance the park’s park potential and strengthen ties to its different actors by focusing on creative climate development. In particular, we identify and discuss key aspects that are relevant to this challenge, i.e. promotion of a shared identity, design of structured work processes, use of communal spaces and internal communication technology. Overall, the study contributes to show that creative climate development implies more than merely being located in the physical platform of a science park.




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Cirella, S., & Yström, A. (2018). Creativity and science parks: more than just a physical platform?. CERN IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation, 2(1), 8–13.