Improving plastic management by means of people awareness

Francesca Demichelis, Riccardo Caivano, Edoardo Degli Innocenti, Edoardo Gava, Chiara Landini, Lisa Odoardi


In past decades the usage of plastic has seen a tremendous increment. This raise is mainly caused by industrial development and by the spread of this material in every aspect of people life, from food package to aerospace application. For sure plastic has a key role in society and it is not possible to erase, nevertheless its overuse has a serious impact on the environment as well know. In particular, just a few percentage of the total amount of plastic is recycled, the rest has to be landfilled or burnt causing serious pollution side effect. This poor circularity in plastic value chain is mainly caused by difficulties in sorting processes and expensiveness of recycling. By the way a great part of plastic applications could be avoided without implying a reduction in life quality for the people. In addition, a better education in plastic objects shopping and plastic waste management could decrease the difficulties in sorting and recycling. One of the crucial reason why these applications and incorrect behaviour are still present is that the information on alternatives are not present or very hard to be found. In the present paper a novel platform to enhance a more plastic-free life is presented. First a detailed description of the problem is stated, then the process to achieve the proposed solution is described. Finally the very first platform prototype is analysed in details among its functionalities.


Plastic recycling; smart-bin; recycling experience; franchising recycling system.

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