Simple, affordable evaporative cooler to reduce food loss in developing countries

Federico Collarin, Antonietta Conte, Francesca Marasca, Luigi Mascolo, Leonardo Massa, Fabio Mutti, Maria Teresa Sposato


Cooling systems in developing countries have effects on health, hunger, food waste and the environment. Refrigerators are the best method for preserving food, but they are expensive, complex, energy-consuming, unsustainable for some countries. Therefore, there is an interest in simple, cheaper alternatives: evaporative coolers allow to raise the air humidity while reducing its temperature. The purpose of this work is to design and validate an evaporative cooling system that will allow storage of perishables, such as fruits and greens, extending their shelf-life. Our case study is focused on Senegal’s Tambacounda region. To crack the Senegalese market, an innovative business model has been thought, allowing the low-cost distribution of the cooler to the local population.



Developing countries; Evaporative cooler; Refrigeration; Food loss;

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