A modular graphic identity solution in rebranding an educational programme

Carolina Faria, Marta Fernandes


Challenge Based Innovation (CBI) is a university programme where student teams create innovative design projects in collaboration with CERN. Each university participating in CBI creates its version of the program. Thus, this is not a closed program, but open to different curricula, periods and student backgrounds. Despite the impact on the participants and potential of the program, it is not as internationally recognised as it could be. This paper presents results of an experimental project that rebrands and redesigns the graphic identity of CBI in order to increase its recognition, better communicate its goals and project outcomes. The process involved an understanding of the problem, provided by interviews with the main stakeholders, along with the identity development attained through brainstorming, sketching, experimental prototyping and iterating. The result aims to be a distinct modular brand, that represents the openness of the programme and its connection with technology and society.


design; brand; identity; education; CERN

Full Text:


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23726/cij.2019.928


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